Thank a Retailer 2016 Winner: Richardson Pioneer / Strasbourg Recreation Centre

Like many small towns across Canada, Strasbourg’s local ice rink was the centrepiece of the community. Unfortunately, its chillers were in need of replacing — an expense that would cost the Recreation Centre close to $70,000.

So when Recreation Centre Board Executive Janelle Frizzell learned that local ag retail Richardson Pioneer had won $15,000 in ADAMA’s #ThankARetailer contest — and that the ice rink would be receiving the entire sum — she was ecstatic.

“It was such a huge relief and joy,” she said. “Without those repairs we could have damaged our plant, and possibly even had to replace it.”

The town of Strasbourg is made up of just 800 people, and Frizzell says that #ThankARetailer didn’t just take a huge financial burden off their shoulders, it also made the community closer than ever.

“This contest helped renew a sense of community back into our rink,” she said. “People who never stepped foot in the rec centre were voting and recruiting others on their social media pages.”

According to Frizzell, the entire Recreation Centre Board is grateful to Richardson Pioneer, ADAMA and the community for their support. But to Morgan Grant, the local manager at Richardson Pioneer, donating to the rink was a no-brainer.

“That’s where we spend our winters,” Grant said. “We’re thrilled we were given the chance to put some money towards our community.”

The ice plant’s repairs are now complete, and the rink is open for the entire community to enjoy.