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Plants on earth

The Meaning of ADAMA

We are very proud of our heritage in Israel, and we are equally proud of the fact that we operate in over 50 countries around the world today. Adama reflects a global company in touch with our historic beginnings.
Plants on earth

The name Adama is Hebrew for 'earth', the essential element of farming. Our strong connection to the land represents our commitment to agriculture as well as our down to earth, practical approach and culture.

The 'MA' ties us to our enduring heritage as Makhteshim Agan, the original name of the company.

The 'Adam' in the beginning and the 'Ama' at the end is a representation of Man and woman, and in many languages, 'Ama' is also mother. Again a link to mother earth The 'AD' in the name represents 'Advancing the future of agriculture'.

Through the three A’s in our name we are reminded of our past, our present and our future and is also the symbol for quality

And finally, the numerous meanings it evokes for different people allow each of us to personally connect with our customers, partners and peers.