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Man at field

Our Promise:Simply. Grow. Together.

At Adama we strive for a world where everybody has food security. Our motto, “Simply. Grow. Together.” is three short words with the power to make a lasting difference to farming everywhere.
Man at field

Simply. Create simplicity in agriculture

Farming is complex and full of challenges. We work together with farmers, agronomists, distributors and the wider farming communities to find ways to simplify and improve their lives. We constantly question convention to move farming forward through simple, practical and innovative solutions in crop protection and beyond.

Grow. Help farmers grow

Growth is the ultimate benefit of simplicity for farmers, in every sense of the word: yield growth, business growth, status growth, farming growth. We support farmers to get things done in their businesses and beyond – from sowing to sales, from their labor in the field to their families, their partnerships and elevating their status in society.

Together. Connect people

“Together” is the specific way we develop and deliver simplicity – with employees, partners, farmers and their families, and our peers in the wider farming world – a call to work together across markets and functions for the benefit of agriculture. Our aim is to build close relationships with farmers by being honest, open and agile.

Years ago, we were part of a journey that helped farmers make the desert green in a sustainable way, allowing a nation to flourish. Now we empower our people to help farmers do the same again – on a global scale. As Adama employees, as farmers, as custodians of the land, we will work together to find ways that create simplicity and enable growth. Farming is too important for one person or business to lead the agenda alone: we all need to share the responsibility.

That's why we, at Adama, work hand-in-hand with farmers and farming to:

Simply. Grow. Together.