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Bumper 250 EC

Fungicide for use in wheat to control rust, leaf blotch & spot blotch


General Info

Bumper 250 EC is a systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action against a broad spectrum of plant diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, mold, and light leaf spot.


Bumper 250 EC offers systemic action against phytopathogenic fungi of the classes Basidiomycetes (Puccinia spp.), Ascomycetes (Erysiphe, Mycosphaerella, Sphaerotheca, etc.), and Deuteromycetes (Septoria, Cercospora, etc.). The product is absorbed through all green tissues and shifts upward, protecting new growths. Due to its properties, the product has preventive, but also curative and eradication action (it destroys incipient infections).


Benefits for the Farmer:
- stops the spread of pathogens;
- preventive, curative, and eradicative action;
- fast absorption and movement through the plant;
- protects new growths;
- helps sustain healthy crops, maximizing the total yield.

Application Advice

Application Rate

0.5 L / ha

Application Technique

For field crops the application can be done using a low-pressure manual sprayer.

Resistance Management

To prevent pathogen resistance, avoid more than 2 treatments with Bumper 250 EC on the same crop and the same surface in a season.


Bumper 250 EC is compatible with the most commonly used fungicides, insecticides, and foliar feeds.