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Sphinx Extra 713 WDG

A local systemic fungicide for the control of late blight on tomatoes and downy mildew on roses

Sphinx Extra

General Info

Sphinx Extra 713 WDG is a contact and systemic fungicide with both protective and curative action. Sphinx Extra 713 WDG is a combination of two active ingredients: dimethomorph and folpet, and it involves two different modes of actions, which are used to control downy mildew (Plasmopara Viticola) in roses and late blight in tomatoes.


Benefits for the Farmer

  • Higher efficacy
  • Fewer sprays
  • Flexibility in timing of application
  • Rain fastness
  • Perfect coverage - fast-acting and long-lasting
  • A powerful tool to counter resistance development
  • Higher yields
  • Higher quality
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Minimal effect on the environment


For more information – Contact Robert Wachira at
+254 713 463 937


Application Advice

Application Rates

To control downy mildew on roses apply 2 - 2.5Kg/Ha, 200 - 250g/100L of water, 40 - 50g/20L of water

To control late blight on tomatoes apply 2Kg/Ha, 200g/100L of water, 40g/20L of water.

Preparation of Spray Mixture

Half fill the spray tank (knapsack) with water. Add the required amount of Sphinx Extra 713 WDG and mix by stirring or agitating, then fill the water to the required level and continue with stirring or agitating until the mixture is thoroughly uniform.

Application Timing and Technique

Start application at first signs of disease occurrence. Repeat after every 7-14 days as necessary. Use a spray volume of 1,000 to 1,500L per Ha for roses and 1000L per Ha on tomatoes depending on the size of crop canopy to ensure thorough coverage. Do not closely apply Sphinx Extra 713 WDG after an oil application.


Pre-harvest interval for tomatoes: 7 days.

Re-entry period: 6 hours.

Sphinx Extra 713 WDG is toxic to fish, other aquatic organisms. It is moderately harmful to birds, animals and relatively non-toxic to bees. Do not contaminate ponds and waterways by direct application, cleaning of equipment, disposal of wastes and empty container. Keep livestock and wildlife out of treated areas.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Sphinx Extra 713 WDG read the downloaded label.

Always read the label carefully before use.