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Odeon 720 SC

A contact fungicide for the preventive control of diseases in roses, coffee and vegetabels


General Info

Odeon 720 SC is  a suspension concentrate contact fungicide for the preventive control of diseases in roses, coffee and vegetabels.


Application Advice

Directions for Use

Odeon 720 SC must be applied as a preventive application. Good coverage on both upper and lower surfaces of leaves should be ensured. Repeat application if 12 mm or more rain or irrigation is received within 72 hours after application. If weather conditions favorable for the development of disease prevail for long periods, it should be considered to alternate Odeon 720 SC with registered systemic fungicides.

Application Rates and Timing

Crops Dosage Remarks


Black spot

190 ml/100 L water

Apply as a preventive full cover spray programme at intervals of 7 -14 days.


CBD 65ml/16L

2 - 2.5 L/Ha

Apply as preventative full cover spray


2 - 2.5 L/Ha

Apply as preventative full cover spray

Preparation of Spray Mixture

Half fill the spray tank with clean water. Mix the required volume of Odeon 720 SC separately in a small volume of water before adding to the spray tank while agitating.

When Odeon 720 SC is used in a tank mixture with other products, add the products in the following sequence: adjuvant/acidfier, wettable powder, suspension concentrate, emulsifiable concentrate. Fill the spray tank to the required volume with water while agitating the spray mixture. It is important to maintain agitation during mixing and application. Prepared spray mixtures must not be left for any length of time, e.g. overnight.

Resistance Management

To delay fungicide resistance avoid exclusive repeated use of fungicides from the same fungicide group code. Alternate or tank-mix with products from different fungicide group codes. Integrate the control methods (chemical, cultural, biological) into fungicide control programmes.


Pre-harvest interval:

  • Beans - 3 days
  • Beans (Hay) - 42 days
  • Cucurbits - 3 days
  • Groundnuts (Hay) - 42 days
  • Potatoes - 3 days
  • Tomatoes - 3 days

Re-entry interval: 4-6 hrs./when the spray dries. Do not enter treated fields until spray deposit has dried unless wearing protective clothing.



  • Do not inhale spray mist.
  • Wear a face shield and rubber gloves when mixing the concentrate.
  • Wash with soap and water after accidental skin contact.
  • Wash contaminated work clothes daily.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while mixing or spraying or before hands and face are washed.
  • Avoid drift of spray onto other crops, grazing, rivers, dams or any other area not under treatment.
  • Prevent contamination of food, feed, drinking water and eating utensils.
  • Clean applicator after use and dispose of wash water where it will not contaminate other crops, grazing, rivers or dams.


  • Harmful if spray mist is inhaled or if the concentrate is swallowed.
  • Odeon 720 SC may irritate eyes, nose and throat.
  • Toxic to fish and very toxic to other aquatic organisms.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from food and feed.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Always read the label carefully before use.