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Capri 600 SL

A selective post-emergence herbicide for control of broad-leaved weeds in maize mono crop

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General Info

Capri 600 SL is a selective post-emergence herbicide for control of broadleaved weeds in maize mono crop.


It controls a wide range of sensitive broadleaved weeds, among them:

  • Black Jack - Bidens pilosa
  • Datura stramonia
  • Macdonalds eye - Galinsoga paviflora
  • Mallow
  • Mexican marigold - Tagetes minuta
  • Sow Thistle - Sonchus oleraceus
  • Wandering Jew - Commelina bengalensis


Benefits for the Farmer

  • Fast, long-lasting effect - the complete death of weeds occurs after 15 days, and the product has a protective action period of up to 30 days.
  • Flexibility of use- Capri is perfectly combined with other herbicides
  • Cost - effective- Saves the high cost of manual weeding
  • High efficiency- Wide range of sensitive broadleaved weeds
  • Safety of use- Safe in recommended dosages


For more information – Contact Robert Wachira at

+254 713 463 937

Application Advice

Directions for Use

Mix with water and apply onto broad leaved weeds during early vegetative stages of weed growth (four weeks after maize emergence).

Alternate application of Capri 600 SL with other herbicides with different modes of action so as to avoid development of resistance.

Application Rate

Rate/ha in 100 L of water - 1 L.

Rate/ha in 20 L of water - 200 mL.


Pre-harvest interval: 0 days.

Avoid spray drift to any other desirable vegetation. Do not spray during periods of high winds.

The product may be toxic to fish and birds. Do not allow escape into water sources.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Capri 600 SL read the downloaded label.