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Glyphogan 480 SL

A non-selective systemic herbicide for the control of broad leaf weeds and grasses in coffee


General Info

Glyphogan 480 SL is a herbicide for the control of broad leaf weeds and grasses in zero/minimum tillage and annual and perennial weeds in coffee.
It is a non-selective foliar applied herbicide that belongs to the glycine chemical group.




For more information – Contact Robert Wachira at
+254 713 463 937


Application Advice

Application Rates

Weeds Rates Timing

3L/ha in 1000L of water 600ml/100L, 60ML/20L

Except watergrass(6L/ha in 1000L of water-followed by the following rates

600ml/100L, 120ML/20L )


Stargrass upto (10L/ha in 1000L of water

1L/100L, 200ML/20L)

At full emergence of healthy and actively growing weeds. Perennial grasses can be controlled during an extended period of time from tillering stage on up to post flowering, but before onset of natural or enforced senescence.

2L/ha in 1000L of water



Annual weeds are controlled during a long period from an early stage up to flowering, provided they are actively growing and an adequate leafmass has developed at treatment time

Directions for Use

Application should be carefully directed to avoid any spray contact with green parts of the crop. Spraying should coincide with active growth particularly during long and short rains. Coffee should be established for at least 18 months before spraying can take place, otherwise injury by accidental trunk contact with Glyphogan 480 SL may occur.

Weather Conditions

Rain free period of at least 4-6 hours must follow spraying. Do not spray onto very wet weeds or weeds suffering from drought stress as reduced control may occur. Do not spray in windy conditions to avoid destruction of desirable vegetation due to drift.


Glyphogan 480 SL is toxic to fish and bees. To avoid damage to bee populations foliar treatments should not be applied during flowering of the target crop. Do not contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemical or used packs.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Glyphogan 480 SL read the downloaded label.