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Linagan 500 WP

A selective herbicide for the control of numerous annual broad-leaved and grass weeds in maize, beans, carrots and potatoes


General Info

Linagan 500 WP is a pre- and post-emergence control herbicide of broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in potatoes, carrots, beans, peas and maize.
Use Linagan 500 WP to give your crop a good start without weeds that interrupt its growth. Linagan 500 WP is a cost-effective product for pre- and post-emergence control of broad leaved weeds and grasses.


Benefits for the Farmer

  • Allows the crop to quickly develop - Has long residual activity that prevents the emergence of new weeds, allowing the crop to quickly develop
  • Good stand alone herbicide - Controls a wide variety of broad leaf weeds and grass weeds
  • Controls emerged weeds within one week - Gives the crop an excellent start point
  • Crop Safety - Safe at recommended dosage to all of the registered crops
  • No impact on environment - Very safe compound for humans and environment


For more information – Contact Robert Wachira at
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Application Advice

Application Rates and Timing

Crops Dosage (Kg/Ha) Dosage (20L) Remarks


Pre-emergence 2-3kg



Apply after final ridging before emergence of potatoes


Pre-emergence 1.5-2.0kg

Post-emergence 1.5-2.0kg

60-80g / 20L


60-80g / 20L


Apply soon after sowing

Treat at 3 true leaf stage

Phaseolus beans and peas

Pre-emergence 1.5-2.0kg

60-80g / 20L


Apply immediately and NOT later than 1 (one) day after sowing


Pre-emergence 1.5-2.0kg

60-80g / 20L


Apply soon after sowing


500L of water per hectare has been considered when calculating quantities of Linagan 500 WP required per 20L and 15L of water.

Application Method

Apply Linagan 500 WP preferably as a pre-emergence, spray evenly over a moist and well-prepared seedbed. Sow seed as deep as possible making sure that the seed is covered by soil. With post-emergence treatment apply the product to germinating actively growing young weeds (up to 4-leaf stage). Do not apply post- emergence if rainfall is expected or if weeds are still wet from rain or dew. Mix the recommended quantity of Linagan 500 WP in 500-1000 Litres of water per hectare.

How To Apply: After preparation of Linagan 500 WP spray suspension, apply the herbicide as follows:

Pre-emergence: Spray on potatoes, maize, beans and peas. Apply the herbicide EVENLY over a MOIST and well-prepared seedbed making sure that the seed is well covered with soil.

Pre- and post-emergence treatment on carrots: As a pre-emergence treatment, apply Linagan 500 WP on carrots soon after sowing. The soil MUST be MOIST. As post-emergence treatment, apply the herbicide when the carrots are at 2-4 true leaf stage. Linagan 500 WP has to be activated by rain or irrigation within 8 days from the application.


All formulated products are compatible with most other herbicides with which they may be mixed. Certain ester formulations of hormone herbicides may create physical problems in the spray mix. Avoid use in water logged conditions.

Preparation of Spray Mixture

Half fill the tank with water and start agitation. Pour the required amount of Linagan 500 WP on the water surface keeping the agitator running and continue filling the tank with water until the tank is full. Use the spray mixture the same day of its preparation stirring well before use. Apply as a spray making sure that the mixture is evenly applied over the whole surface.


Linagan 500 WP is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemical or used packs.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Linagan 500 WP read the downloaded label.

Always read the label carefully before use.