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Clodinagan 240 EC

A systemic post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual grasses on wheat


General Info

Clodinagan 240 EC is an emulsifiable concentrate selective post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual grasses in wheat.


WHO Class III.

Application Advice

Directions for Use

  • CLODINAGAN 240 EC should be applied to actively growing grass weeds to any wheat cultivar, provided the wheat has reached the 3-leaf stage.
  • Do not apply CLODINAGAN 240 EC in wheat fields where confirmed or suspected resistance of any weed exists, where weeds are under any kind of stress like drought, very high or very low temperatures, waterlogging or where nutrient deficiencies exists.
  • Do not apply CLODINAGAN 240 EC to barley or oats or allow spray to drift over these crops.
  • Only weeds that have germinated at time of application will be controlled.
  • Ensure thorough coverage of the weeds. Weeds that are overshaded by other weeds or by the crop may not be controlled sufficiently.
  • CLODINAGAN 240 EC undergoes rapid degradation in the soil.


The compatibility of CLODINAGAN 240 EC with other products may be influenced by the formulation of the product(s) it is mixed with as well as the quality of the dilution water. Since the formulation of other products may change without the knowledge of MAKHTESHIM-AGAN and the quality of the water may differ from farm to farm, a physical compatibility test should always be carried out prior to application. CLODINAGAN 240 EC applied at 150 ml/ha in a tank mixture with MCPA may, under certain circumstances, lead to antagonism between the products.


Half fill the spray tank with water. Add the required volume of CLODINAGAN 240 EC to the water while agitating. Fill the tank with water while agitating until nearly full. Add the required amount of a suitable adjuvant like MCW EOS at the recommended rate.


  • Poisonous when swallowed.
  • Avoid skin and eye contact.
  • Toxic to fish.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from food and feed.
  • Keep under lock and key out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Re-entry period: Do not enter the treated area before the spray deposit has dried out on the foliage unless protective clothing is worn.
  • Aerial application: Notify all the inhabitants in the immediate vicinity of the area to be sprayed and issue the necessary warnings. Do not spray over or allow drift to contaminate adjacent areas, water or any other area that is not under treatment.