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Cottoran 500 SC

A herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in cotton


General Info

Cottoran 500 SC is used for field preparation before cotton, and for pre-crop emergence weed control in dry soil and moist soil seeding conditions.


Cottoran 500 SC controls the following annual weeds: cruciferous weeds, Chenopodium spp., Chrozophora spp., Amaranthus spp., Solanum nigrum, Portulaca oleracea, Moluccella laevis, Ecballium elaterium, Tribulus terrestris, Xanthium spp., grass weeds and other weeds.


Application Advice

Directions for Use

For best results, before spraying the field should be ready for seeding and clod-free.

Avoid spray drift to neighboring crops.

Cottoran 500 SC must be incorporated by rainfall or irrigation after spraying. To avoid damage to following crops the field must receive at least 40-50 mm of rainfall or sprinkler irrigation.

Spray Preparation and Technique

Shake this container well. Fill the spray tank with half of the required water. Turn on the agitator, gradually add the required amount of Cottoran 500 SC and the remaining required amount of water while agitating.

Attention: Do not stop the agitator from the time of the preparation of the spray solution until the spray tank is empty. If the sprayer tank has stood unagitated for a period of time, the solution must be well mixed before commencing spraying.

Cottoran 500 SC may be sprayed with any sprayer (non-blower) that has an agitator and a boom with fan-type nozzles. Use 50 mesh screens throughout the apparatus. Calibrate the sprayer before use. While spraying avoid overlaps, stoppages etc. Stop the sprayer while turning. Prevent leakage and dripping.


To broaden the spectrum of controlled weeds, Cottoran 500 SC may be tank-mixed with other herbicides: Triflurex (incorporation via cultivation), Diurex, Glyphogan, amitrole products. When preparing a tank mixture with any of these products add them after the Cottoran and then add the required amount of water to the spray tank. Glyphogan can be added after adding all the required water to the spray tank.

When preparing a tank mixture with Diquat or Paraquat add these products only after all the required water has been added to the spray tank and use a spray volume of no less than 200 L/Ha.

Application Rates

The rates differ depending on timing of application, humidity of soil and soil types. For example:

If you spray in winter 1-3 months before seeding, apply:

  • for medium soils including loess  2.4-3.2 L/ha
  • for heavy soils  3.2-4.8 L/ha

If you spray 1 month to 1 day before seeding, apply:

  • for medium soils including loess  1.3-1.9 L/ha
  • for heavy soils  1.6-2.4 L/ha

For ground spray use the volume of 100-300 L/ha and for aerial spray - 50 L/ha.

To find out more specifications concerning the rates of application read the downloaded label.


Re-entry period: after the spray solution had dried.

Cottoran 500 SC is poisonous to aquatic creatures and may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Avoid spray drift to fish ponds or bodies of water.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Cottoran 500 SC read the downloaded label.