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Farmuron 500 WP

A selective herbicide for the control of numerous annual broadleaf and grass weeds in potatoes, carrots, onions, beans and maize


General Info

Farmuron 500 WP is a selective pre- and post-emergence herbicide for control of many annual broad-leaved weeds and grass weeds in several crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, beans and maize.


Benefits for the Farmer

  • Allows the crop to quickly develop- Has long residual activity that prevents the emergence of new weeds, allowing the crop to quickly develop
  • Good stand alone herbicide- Controls a wide variety of broad leaf weeds and grass weeds
  • Controls emerged weeds within one week
  • Crop Safety
  • No impact on environment- Very safe


Application Advice

Application Rates and Timing


Dosage (Kg/Ha)

Dosage (20 Lt)



Pre-emergence 2-3 Kg

80-120 g (60-90 g/15 Lt)

Apply after final ridging before emergence of potatoes


Pre-emergence 1.5-2.0 Kg

Post-emergence 1.5-2.0 Kg

60-80 g (45-60 g/15 Lt)

60-80 g (45-60 g/15 Lt)

Apply soon after sowing

Treat at 3 true leaf stage

Onions (Only after transplanting)

1.0-1.5 Kg (low rates for light soils and high rates for heavy soils)

40-60 g (30-45 g/15 Lt)

Spray 10-14 days after transplanting

Phaseolus beans and peas

Pre-emergence 1.5-2.0 Kg

60-80 g (45-60 g/15 Lt)

Apply immediately and NOT later than 1 day after sowing


Pre-emergence 1.5-2.0 Kg

60-80 g (45-60 g/15 Lt)

Apply soon after sowing

Use the provided measuring cap. 500 Lt of water per hectare has been considered when calculating quantities of Farmuron 500 WP required per 20 Lt of water.

Recommended water volumes:

  • 50 -100 Lt/ha for aerial applications
  • 200-500 Lt/ha for tractor mounted spraying machines
  • 500-1000 Lt/ha for knapsack sprayers with flatten nozzles e.g.Teejet

Directions for Use

Apply Farmuron 500 WP preferably as a pre-emergence, spray evenly over a moist and well-prepared seedbed. Plant crop as deep as possible making sure that the seed is covered by soil. With post- emergence treatment apply the product to germinating actively growing young weeds (up to 4-leaf stage). Do not apply post- emergence if rainfall is expected, or if weeds are still wet from rain or dew. Mix the recommended quantity of Farmuron 500 WP In 509-1009 liters of water per hectare. As a pre-emergence treatment apply the herbicide EVENLY over MOIST soil and well-prepared seedbed.

After preparation of Farmuron 500 WP spray suspension, apply the herbicide as follows:

Pre-emergence spray on potatoes, maize, beans and peas. Apply the herbicide EVENLY over a MOIST and well-prepared seedbed making sure that the seed is well covered with soil.

Pre- and post-emergence treatment on carrots:

As a pre-emergence treatment apply Farmuron 500 WP on carrots soon after planting. The soil MUST be MOIST.

As post-emergence treatment, apply the herbicide when the carrots are at 2-4 true leaf stage.

Preparation of Spray Mixture

Fill half of the tank with water and start agitation. Pour the required amount of Farmuron 500 WP on the water surface keeping the agitator running and continue filling the tank with water until the tank is full. Use the spray mixture the same day of its preparation stirring well before use. Apply as a spray making sure that the mixture is evenly applied over the whole surface.


Farmuron 500 WP is compatible with other herbicides such as Alachbr, Atrazine, Bromoxynil, Diuron, Trifluralin and Hormone weed killers.

It is however advisable to carry out small trials first, before large-scale applications.


Do not dispose of spray mixture near waterways. Toxic to fish.


Handling: Carefully study and strictly observe directions for use. Harmful if swallowed. May cause irritation to eyes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the product. Do not breathe dust or spray mist. Wear protective clothing including goggles and rubber gloves. Do not eat, drink, or smoke when handling.

Afterwork: Wash gloves and hands with soap and plenty of water and change clothing.

Storage: Store product in closed original container in a cool dry place and keep away from children and food stuffs.

Disposal: Do not re-use empty containers, burn or bury. Do not store spray mixture.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Farmuron 500 WP read the downloaded label.