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Kalif 480 EC

An early pre-plant, pre-emergence or early post-emergence herbicide for the control of grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds in rice, soybeans, tobacco and sugarcane


General Info

Kalif 480 EC is an early pre-plant, pre-emergence and early post-emergent herbicide used for control of annual grasses, sedges and broadleaved weeds in rice and other crops.


Weeds controlled by Kalif 480 EC:

Annual grasses: Digitaria spp (Finger grass), Eleusine indica (Rapoko grass), Panicum spp. (Panicum), Rhynchelytrum repens (Natal Red Top), Setaria spp., Urochloa spp, Rottboellia cochinchinesis (Shamva grass), Commelina benghalensis (Wandering Jew), Cyperus difformis (Variable flatsedge), Echinochloa crus-galli (Barnyard millet), Scirpus Juncoides, Monochoria Vaginalis (Oval-leafed pondweed).

Broadleaf weeds: Nicandra physalodes (Apple of Peru), Galinsoga parviflora (Gallant Soldier), Bidens pilosa (Blackjack), Portulaca oleracea (Purslane).

Application Advice

Rotational Crops

Cabbages, onions, cucurbits and peas may be planted 6 months after Kalif application. Maize, sweet corn, oats, barley, rye, lucerne, wheat and grass lays may be planted 9 month after Kalif application. For other crops consult the supplier. Deep cultivation of soil prior to planting of follow-up crop will reduce the potential risk of carryover.

Directions for Use

Soil incorporation applications

Shallow incorporation normally results in better weed control than deep incorporation. Incorporate to a depth of no more than 8cm. On dry soil incorporate within 8 hours of application. On wet soil icorporate immediately.

Application Rates and Timing

Consult the downloaded label to find out application rates for different crops.


Kalif 480 EC is toxic to fish, other aquatic organisms. It is harmful to birds, animals and relatively toxic to bees but due to the mode of application as drip/trickle irrigation a hazard to bees is not to be expected. Do not contaminate ponds and waterways by direct application, cleaning of equipment, disposal of wastes and empty container. Keep livestock and wildlife out of treated areas. Do not drain the paddy water within 10 days after application.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Kalif 480 EC read the downloaded label.

Always read the label carefully before use.