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Ametrex 500 SC

A selective pre- and post-emergence herbicide for the control of most annual broadleaf and grass weeds in pineapple, bananas, sugarcane


General Info

Ametrex 500 SC is a herbicide of the triazine group for pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control. It controls a wide spectrum of broad-leaf weeds and grasses and is suitable for selective weed control in sugarcane, pineapples, bananas.


Important Weeds Controlled by Ametrex 500 SC :
Broad-Leaved Weeds:
Amaranthus spp. Bidens pilosa. Datura spp. Euphorbia spp. Galinsoga spp. Polygonum spp. Portulaca spp Sida spp. Tagetes minuta
Brachiaria spp. Digitaria spp. Echinochloa spp. Eleusine spp. Panicum spp. Setaria spp.
- Pigweed
- Blackjack
- Thorn Apple
- Red Weed (Spurges)
- Galant Soldier (Quickweed)
- Knot Weed (Smart Weed)
- Purslane
- Broomweed
- Mexican Marigold
- Signal Grass
- Crab Finger Grass
- Jungle rice (Water Grass) -Wild Finger Millet
- Vlei Panicum
- Bristly Foxtail

Application Advice

Application Rates and Timing


-  Depending on field conditions, weed control can be started either at planting or ratooning, or once the crop has become established.

- Apply Ametrex 500 SC at planting or ratooning, at the rate 6-9 L/ha as a broadcast application.

- On the established crop, apply as a directed inter-row pre- or post-emergence treatment. Do not apply more than twice as an inter-row treatment. Use a sufficient quantity of spray volume (more than 300 l/ha).

- When spraying more than once, do not apply more than 28 L/ha in one crop of cane.

-  Do not spray once the field has closed in.

-  Contact action of the herbicide can be improved by adding 2,4-D amine at a rate of 0.5 kg a.iVha.


- Ametrex 500 SC can be applied at setting or any other time thereafter, either as a pre- or post-emergence spray.

-  Spray at 3-6 L/ha (Directed basal spray) repeating the treatment at 3-4 month intervals.

- Do not apply more than 40 L/ha per year.

- Do not spray directly onto banana plants.


- Before weed emergence after planting or harvesting, apply Ametrex 500 SC at the rate of 6-9 L/ha as a blanket spray.

-  Application should be made when rain is expected within 24 hours or when irrigation can follow immediately.

-  At 1-2 month intervals additional blanket or inter-row application can be made if necessary at a quarter to half the original rate, to maintain fields free of weeds.

-  Use at least 300 litres spray volume per hectare.

-  Do not spray more than 50 L/ha per crop cycle.

General Directions for Use

  • Rain or irrigation is essential to activate Ametrex 500 SC, especially in pre-emergence application.
  • In the absence of moisture, cultivate lightly to incorporate the herbicide in the top 2.5-5.0 cm of soil.
  • Ametrex 500 SC can be applied with suitably set up spraying equipment. Continuous agitation is necessary, preferably mechanical.
  • For broadcast or band application use fan-type nozzles, with 50 mesh screens and suction lines. All sprayers should be calibrated before use.
  • When spraying avoid stops, slow-downs and leaks to ensure uniform application.
  • The total spray volume should be 300-600 I/ha. Apply as a pre-emergence or early post-emergence 2-3 leaf stage of weeds.

Preparation of Spray Mixture

Fill the tank with clean water to half its capacity. In a separate container, add a small amount of water to the required quantity of Ametrex 500 SC and mix well until a thin paste is obtained. With agitator running, pour this paste through the filter into the tank, adding water up to the required amount.


Avoid drift of spray, since Ametrex 500 SC may injure adjacent crops.

In crop areas do not use on light sandy soils.

Do not replant the treated area with any crop within 1 year except those known to be tolerant to Ametrex 500 SC.

Ametrex 500 SC is non-toxic to wildlife, bees, but toxic to aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways, ditches with chemical or used container.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Ametrex 500 SC read the downloaded label.