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Kohinor 200 SL

A systemic insecticide for the control of aphids, termites on tobacco, thrips on flowers, whiteflies on tomatoes, and termites in maize and cotton


General Info

Kohinor 200 SL is a highly effective systemic insecticide against sucking insects and other important insect pests. Among the sucking pests are aphids, white flies, plant and leafhoppers, thrips (except certain Frankliniella species), scales, mealy bugs, plant bugs, Psyllids. The active ingredient, imidacloprid, which belongs to a chemical class of insecticides called chloronicotinyls, provides additional control of fruit fly, bean fly, leaf miners, termites, soil beetles and other insect pests.
Kohinor 200 SL can be applied to plants as a foliar spray, stem paint, basal stem spray or soil drench via drip irrigation. When handled correctly according to good agricultural practice, Kohinor 200 SL is suitable for use in integrated pest management programmes. The soil application of Kohinor 200 SL (via drench and drip irrigation) is the safest method for reducing the impact on beneficial insects.



Application Advice

Application Rates, Timing and Methods






Coffee leaf miner (Leucoptera meyricki)

Fried egg scale (Asidiotusspp).

1.5 ml per litre of water per tree

3.0 ml per litre of water per tree

Soil drench along the drip of each tree. Apply at the onset of rains or irrigate after application to facilitate uptake, it should be applied 6-8 weeks before the peak occurrence of the pest season. Pre-harvest interval - 35 days.

Ornamentals (roses, carnations, Eustoma spp., Hypericum, etc)

Aphids, whiteflies, thrips

Soil drench: 0.3-0.5 ml per 4 It. of water per m2.

Foliar spray: 0.5 ml per It. of water, 50 ml per 100 It. of water or 500 ml per ha

Apply at first signs of infestation through drip irrigation (soil drench). Apply at first signs of infestation as a full cover foliar spray as ornamental species and varieties may differ in their sensitivity to chemicals, tolerance test should always be carried out before large scale application is undertaken.

Agroforestry, nurseries of trees

Soil pests Temites

2 ml per It. of water per tree

Apply as soil drench in the nursery bed or tree around the tree base.

Anthills/ Mounds


2.5 ml per It of water or 25 ml in 10 It of water

Drive a rod into the anthill to clear the opening. Drench the mound with at least 10 It. of Kohinor 200 SL solution. The amount of solution depends on the size of the mound.

Sugarcane (field)

Terrace Castle ants (Termites)

1.7 ml in 3.5 lt of water per colony

Soil drench application

Seed cane (cane stees) treatment


500 ml per 660 litres of water to treat 35 tonnes of seed cane.

Dipping of cane setts.

Tobacco (nursery stage) Tobacco (field)

Aphids Whiteflies Aphids Whiteflies

2 ml in 4 It of water per m2, 0.037 ml per plant or 580 ml per ha

Soil drench application immediately after sowing. One application as a soil drench immediately after transplanting seedlings in the fieid. Allow 70 days between application and harvest.

Preparation of Soil Drench Mixture and Application Method

Mix the required amount of Kohinor 200 SL in sufficient water to uniformly cover the area being treated. Apply not less than 1 lt. of the solution per square metre around the base of the tree, directed to the root zone beneath the drip line. Remove mulch, plastic or weed barrier material that will stop solution reaching the root zone. Exposing the roots of the tree by breaking the soil surface or digging a trench will enhance the uptake of Kohinor 200 SL. For optimum control, apply during the rainy period or irrigate thoroughly to incorporate Kohinor 200 SL into the upper soil profile within 24 hours after application. Addition of nitrogen containing fertilizer, where applicable, in the chemical solution will enhance the uptake of Kohinor 200 SL. Avoid runoff or paddling of excessive irrigation water following application. Avoid application of Kohinor 200 SL to areas which are water logged or saturated, which will not allow penetration into the plant root zone.

Preparation of Spray/Banding Mixture

Fill the spray tank/container with half the required amount of water and add the required amount of Kohinor 200 SL. Fill the spray tank to the level with water and mix to uniformity.


Kohinor 200 SL is compatible with commonly used pesticides and foliar fertilizers.

Crop Tolerance

Kohinor 200 SL is well tolerated by all crops tested at the recommended rates when applied as soil or foliar treatment but users are advised always to check for crop safety by treating a few plants first before large scale application is undertaken on ornamental crops.

Resistance Management

To prevent resistance alternation of Kohinor 200 SL with products with different modes of action is recommended. If one additional late season application is necessary for insect control, Kohinor 200 SL treatment should be followed with a product from another chemical class. In cases where more than two applications against one pest species are required, a block application of Kohinor 200 SL is recommended.


Re-entry period: After the spray mixture has dried in greenhouse and 12 hours after spraying in the field.

Kohinor 200 SL is toxic to bees. If applied as a soil drench there is no risk to bees or other beneficial insects. To avoid damage to bee populations, foliar treatments should not be applied during flowering of the target crop. Aquatic organisms are not expected to be endangered when Kohinor 200 SL is used as recommended. Do not contaminate surface water and ditches with chemical or used container disposal.

To learn more safety precautions and first aid instructions concerning the application of Kohinor 200 SL read the downloaded label.

Always read the label carefully before use.