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Cotton - Jassids



Jassids are small pale green insects (0.5 to 3 mm long). They are somewhat frog-like, flattened from the side and when young scuttle crab-like in a sideways action. The adults hop or fly away very quickly when disturbed.


Edges of leaves curl turn yellow and later become reddish-brown. The remainder of the leaf is often covered with small yellow spots on the lower surface. The leaves then usually dry up and are shed. Buds and young bolls may also open early or drop.

Life cycle

Adult female leafhoppers each lay between 60-200 eggs beneath the epidermis of the stalk or leaf, during their 2-3 week life span. The eggs hatch 6-10 days after oviposit ion and the nymphs pass through five ecdyses in the next 14-18 days before the adult stage is reached.

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