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Roses - Botrytis



Gray Mold disease in roses is caused by the fungus Botrytis.

Disease development and symptoms

Gray Mold disease is one of the most important diseases affecting greenhouse rose production in Kenya.

The disease is associated with high relative humidity, free moisture on plant surfaces and moderate temperatures.

Consequently, this disease infects roses while still growing in the greenhouses but may not be detected until the flowers reach the pack house, where it develops rapidly due to the suitable environmental conditions.

Disease management

  • Control the humidity by aerating the greenhouse (This is the most effective means of controlling Gray Mold in roses)
  • Reduce the Botrytis inoculum by maintaining a clean growing area
  • Remove excessive vegetative growth, old branches and flowers
  • Maintain optimal growing conditions of temperature, light, humidity and fertilizer
  • Use fungicides according to the recommendations

Fungicidal control

Start fungicidal control when conditions conducive

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