Rob Williams

SVP, Europe

“This is a broadly diverse region with very many different needs. This is why take such great care to be as close as possible to the farmers & their channel partners here, to understand the impact of local market, environmental, and regulatory dynamics on their day-to-day. Feeding those insights back into product design is part of what makes our portfolio offering so relevant & powerful.”

Rob joined ADAMA in 2000 to establish the company’s UK subsidiary. After initially serving as Commercial Manager, he was appointed to the position of Managing Director of ADAMA UK, carrying the business to a leading industry position. In 2019, after nine years of serving as GM of ADAMA US and then VP ADAMA North America, he was appointed to his current role, VP North Europe. 

Rob believes that there are no short-cuts to success, when aiming to bring value to farmers and to bolster the company’s unique position in the market. Rather, achieving these goals requires discipline, close monitoring, investing in the team, and acquiring diversely professional talent for expanding into new areas.

Throughout his career, Rob has been inspired by Mohandas Gandhi’s quote: “be the change you want to see in the world.” He believes that to be an effective leader you need to be authentic, congruent, and to always lead by example.

Rob has published research in plant biochemistry, holding a BSc in Biology, specializing in crop protection, and a Research Doctorate in Biochemistry, both from Nottingham Trent University.

He spends his spare time with his wife and five children, cooking outside and going for walks, as well as cycling and supporting his favorite football club from his native Liverpool.