Shiri Ailon

VP, Corporate Development and China Growth

“Having spent four years in Beijing on behalf of ADAMA, provided me with the unique opportunity to take a key part in the build-up of our strong, dedicated and professional China cluster team. Together, I know that the integrated ADAMA-China teams are superbly positioned to bring unmatched value to farmers worldwide.”

As the Vice President of Corporate Development and China Integration, Shiri is helping drive growth for ADAMA through the execution of inorganic strategies. Moreover, she also holds responsibility for ensuring successful value creation by establishing effective collaboration among the relevant ChemChina companies and ADAMA, identifying and leveraging opportunities for both global and China-driven growth.

Shiri joined ADAMA in 2005 to lead the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Since 2011, when China National Agrochemical Company (CNAC) acquired 60 percent of ADAMA, Shiri also led the full integration process with CNAC Agchem/Chemical entities, Sanonda and Anpon. In 2014, she was appointed to her current role, and in July of that year she relocated with her family to Beijing for a period of four years, having been charged with the execution of the acquisition of the China entities and their integration with ADAMA.

Throughout her career, Shiri has always been driven by the firm belief that there are no short-cuts in life and in business. To reach one’s goals and aspirations, and for accomplishments to be meaningful and sustainable, she believes that you have to work hard and always be learning.

Shiri holds an MBA from Oxford Business School (SBS) and an LLB from Tel Aviv University, magna cum laude.

In her spare time, she enjoys being with her partner and their three children. She also loves fashion and to travel, and is an avid runner.