Yossi Goldshmidt

VP India, Africa & Middle East

“I believe that the only way to succeed is to be as close as possible to our customers, to fully understand their needs, how market dynamics impact those needs, and how we can help with unique and simple solutions. Our team is mostly comprised of agronomists, who invest great efforts at building an authentic dialogue with our customers and partners. Everything we do is about nurturing these relationships.”

Yossi joined ADAMA in 1996. Throughout the years he served in multiple leadership positions, including Regional Manager for Asia Pacific and General Manager of ADAMA India, which he established and turned into one of the top three companies in the country within five years.

Throughout his more than 30 years in the agrochemical industry Yossi has always been driven by the conviction that only through a journey of learning and experience can one bring the well-honed professionalism that is required to become the solution provider of choice.

Yossi’s leadership is marked by a clear understanding that overcoming the challenge of heading up such a diverse region requires selecting the best talent, with the deepest familiarity of the market, customers, and solutions.

Yossi holds a BSc and MSc in Agronomy from the Hebrew University. In his spare time he likes to travel and visit new destinations around the world and spend time with his family and grandchildren.