Meet Ignacio

Born and raised in Madrid, as the seventh of nine children, Ignacio has always enjoyed bringing people together. “My wife also comes from a large family, being the first of nine children, so as you can imagine, whenever we have family gatherings it’s a real celebration of close to one hundred people!”

Throughout his career, Ignacio spent many years working and living in different countries, including the US, Belgium, Switzerland and Israel.

“Whenever people speak about what it’s like to live abroad, they almost always focus on how fascinating it is to become entrenched in and learn about different cultures. While all this is indeed enlightening, I believe that – for me – the biggest impact of having lived in multiple international locations is that this experience has equipped me with a great capacity for effectively managing change.”

When asked about how this uniquely cross-cultural, multi-national life experience has contributed to his perception of leadership, Ignacio said, “Every time you move to a new country, you go through a series of complex adaptations. This can be all the more challenging when the adaptation is also required of your spouse and children.”

“While having to go through such profound adjustments can be demanding, it can also provide a tremendous opportunity for developing openness and the ability to turn challenges into successes. Being able to do this through constant change is the imperative of leadership. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and do – truly – see myself as an agent of change.”

Ignacio studied physics at university, but quickly realized that his professional life was taking an unexpected turn away from this discipline and was moving towards the growing crop protection industry.

Starting out, he held a marketing role in ICI / Zeneca, an agrochemicals business that was later combined with Novartis to form Syngenta. Early in the 90’s, Ignacio joined American Cyanamid where he held several leadership roles, including part of the company’s international division, focusing on Asia, travelling frequently to Japan and China, while being based in the US. When American Cyanamid offered him the role of General Manager of Spain and Portugal, Ignacio and his family returned to his native Madrid.

In January 2001, he caught the attention of ADAMA’s executives and was asked to join the team as the leader of the company’s operations in Spain.

Ignacio’s Spanish heritage has greatly bolstered his passion for the land and agriculture. “I grew up at a time when, and in a place where, working the land was a fundamental part of life. We knew that tomatoes came from the land, not from the supermarket shelf. This rural and agricultural context has influenced me from a very young age and has evolved into a deep appreciation for the hard and important work of growers.”

Thinking of the future of agriculture, Ignacio believes that one of the most critical aspects of this industry is to ensure sustainability. “Achieving sustainability will rest mainly on three pillars – the capacity of consumers to adjust their consumption habits and buy more locally grown products, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring that the whole agro-ecosystem is environmentally conscientious.”

Throughout his career at ADAMA, Ignacio has always been driven by a passion to work with the talented and dedicated teams around the world, towards a common mission to build ADAMA into a global crop protection powerhouse.

“In a world that is hyper-dynamic and even often chaotic, keeping things in balance requires an expert, specialized and agile team. I compare ADAMA and these special skills to that of a Jazz band comprised of virtuoso soloists. Each is a premier expert in his or her instrument and may frequently take off on a brilliant musical tangent. But, together, the music they create is sublime.”

“The people of ADAMA are dedicated and passionate about understanding local farmers’ and customers’ needs – and they’re empowered to fulfill them. They never give up and are always willing to go the extra mile for the success of our company and our customers.”

Looking ahead to the ongoing success of ADAMA, Ignacio said, “It’s most inspiring to see how ADAMA has been outgrowing the industry during the past 30 years. It is my mission to continue to drive ADAMA forward, building and generating further growth for the next 30 years.”


Full Name: Ignacio Dominguez

Residence: Israel

Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

Education: MSc in Physics, specializing in automatic calculus, artificial intelligence, the structure of microprocessors, and programming languages, from Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Family: married with three children and three grandchildren

Hobbies: listening to music from Jazz to Opera, reading, art, and all things Real Madrid