17/11/2013 - MAI to Introduce Unique Protection Against Potato Late Blight at EAPR Conference

Makhteshim Agan to Introduce Unique Protection Against Late Potato Blight at EAPR Conference Banjo Forte’s Unique Two Ingredient Formulation Overcomes Resistance

Airport City, Israel, November 14, 2013

Makhteshim Agan Industries, the world leader in branded off-patent crop protection solutions, will be presenting its new product (protected by a patent licensed to MAI) for protecting against late potato blight at next week’s European Association of Potato Researchers conference taking place in Jerusalem, November 17-21. 

Potato late blight is a fungal disease that can cause devastating crop losses, estimated at $5.6 billion per year globally and best known for being one of the major causes of the Irish potato famine in the 1800s. In modern times, fluazinam and dimethomorph have been the leading active ingredients used to control potato late blight, however both ingredients’ effectiveness has decreased of late due to increased resistance in the fungus. 

Banjo Forte, a new liquid fungicide from MAI, delivers fluazinam and dimethomorph in a unique mixture proven to protect effectively against late potato blight. Results from EuroBlight trials and pot trials in various European countries demonstrated that in addition to potato late blight, Banjo Forte protects against stem rot, another harmful disease that affects potato plants. 

“We developed this distinctive mixture as a direct result of our work with European farmers,” said Daphna Blachinsky, product manager at MAI for Banjo Forte. “Pathogens that are resistant to either fluazinam or dimethomorph were affecting crop yields, reducing farmers’ livelihood. The new MAI product containing the two active ingredients enables each one to build on the strength of the other, simplifying growers’ lives with this highly effective combination.” 

Banjo Forte was registered in Germany last year and in additional European countries this year, and by the year 2015 it is expected to be available across the globe in countries with significant potato fields. 

Blachinsky will be presenting “Banjo Forte: Unique Solution for Potato Late Blight” on Monday, November 18, at 11:30 at the EAPR conference. In addition, a poster about the solution will be on display throughout the conference. 

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