18/11/2013 - Makhteshim Agan to Establish Global R&D Center in Neot Hovav Industrial Park in Israel

Investment will strengthen MAI’s research and development activities

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 18, 2013

Makhteshim Agan Industries, the world leader in branded off-patent crop protection solutions, today laid the cornerstone of the company's new global Research and Development center at the Neot Hovav eco-industrial park. 

“We are consistently working towards the implementation and development of advanced technologies in the fields of chemistry and environmental protection,” said Eli Abramov, senior vice president of global resources at MAI. “The new global center is another milestone in our strategic plan to strengthen MAI’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities. This continued investment will support the growth and differentiation of our product portfolio to deliver reliable solutions to farmers.” 

The company intends to invest in the new global R&D center, which will become its central hub bringing together the company’s R&D activities in Israel and worldwide including seven product development sites in Israel, Europe, North America and Asia. When complete, the center will employ over 100 researchers, including chemical engineers and chemists who will work together to formulate innovative crop protection solutions that aim to simplify farming. 

Completion of the construction is expected in two years, and work within the new laboratories is scheduled to begin in eighteen months. The center will be built next to a newly constructed pilot facility that will allow the site to efficiently upscale from lab to production in one of 11 production facilities in the Makhteshim Agan Group. 

The R&D center will be set up in accordance with stringent industry standards and contain state-of-the-art equipment on par with other leading R&D centers around the world. 

The President and CEO of Makhteshim Agan, Erez Vigodman, the management of Makhteshim Agan, and the council members of the eco-industrial park Neot Hovav attended the ceremony. 

About Makhteshim Agan

Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd. simplifies the life of farmers together with its industry-leading crop protection solutions that assist in combating disease and increasing agricultural yields. With close to $3 billion in annual revenue, the company is ranked seventh globally in the agro-chemicals industry and is the leading off-patent crop protection provider. The company sells its crop protection products in over 120 countries and is characterized by its technological know-how and strict standards of environmental adherence. For more information, visit http://www.ma-industries.com.

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