Environment and Water

Air, water and the ground in which we plant are all important factors in the health of global humanity, as well as the crops farmers grow. We continually invest in reducing our ecological footprint anywhere we can. We measure our environmental impact –use of natural resources, energy consumption and emissions of air pollutants -- in an effort to track and reduce them.

Reducing Our Footprint

We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment, facilities and ongoing maintenance for promotion of effective environmental processes and reduction of environmental footprint. For example, we have established new facilities to treat hazardous sewage, leading to significant reductions in Total Organic Carbon waste, and reductions in hazardous waste.

Emission reduction

Adama has measures to reduce emissions at our manufacturing facilities such as the installation of permanent monitoring systems to pinpoint and measure the presence of certain pollutants in chimney emissions; regular examinations of chimneys in coordination with local and national environmental protection ministries; installation of absorption and adsorption systems to purify gases and odors emitted by manufacturing sites; operation of high efficiency thermal oxidizers to neutralize volatile organic pollutants from gas emissions at production facilities.

Sewage and Waste Treatment

Adama is committed to preserving natural resources and reducing our impact on them by treating the waste that we generate, reducing the use of raw materials and transitioning to recyclable materials.

We invest significant resources to ensure compliance with the environmental protection laws regarding treatment of industrial sewage, in an effort to minimize the hazards to the environment and the effect of our operations.

Adama views waste treatment as a vital component in reducing the harm to the environment. Our guiding principles include: transferring, taking ongoing measures to reduce the quantities of the waste and removing the waste in a considerate manner. 

Water consumption

The company constructed a facility to desalinate treated sewage at its Neot Hovav manufacturing site. This facility recycles good quality water and reduces the quantity of concentrated sewage that is transferred to evaporation pools, thus reducing the need for salification of the ponds, leading to considerable savings in water.
Water and environment
Water and environment
Water and environment