Business award highlights Adama's innovative approach in Brazil

Adama has been voted the most innovative agribusiness company in Brazil

Adama received the accolade during the annual Innovation Value 2016 awards, staged recently (July) in Sao Paulo by leading Brazilian business publication Valor Econômico and management consultants Strategy& and PWC.

The awards recognise companies that have excelled in innovation in each business segment. The judges take into account investment in innovation, best practices, new product development, problem solving and development strategies, among a range of other criteria. This year over 160 companies entered the awards, of which 79% have annual revenues of at least BRL (Brazilian Real) 1 billion.

"Innovation is one of the pillars of Adama. The company has a department in Brazil which focuses on the development of solutions that simplify the life of the farmer, using digital technologies as a basis for the creation and implementation of innovative services," said Roberson Marczak, Adama’s Innovation Manager for Latin America.

"Winning the Innovation Value Awards' for agribusiness, one of the most important sectors of the Brazilian economy, highlights one of the key underlying characteristics of our company: our commitment to innovate constantly, and it is a source of great pride for us," Marczak added.

Adama, which expanded into Brazil with the acquisition of Milenia Agrociências, provides digital-based agricultural services. These include:

Adama Alvo, a free application to help with identification of pests, weeds and diseases;
Adama Wings, a service which flies drones over sugarcane plantations to identify planting and weed competition failure in order to optimise production;
Adama Clima provides weather stations on farmers' property, capturing data with which to improve the accuracy of forecasts, thus aiding decision-making; and
Adama Monitor aids apple production by remotely monitoring moth traps.

"Our agro-digital services are already a hit among Brazilian farmers," Marczak said. "Adama Target, for example, already has over 70,000 users in Brazil. The agro-public sees technology as an ally both in its work in the fields and in the search for increased productivity. The more accurate and specific the information the farmer has, the better his decisions are. Adama is constantly developing new applications and services for Brazilian agriculture, and we will launch more this year," Marczak added.

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