Top 4 biggest ag-influencers by country

Social media influencers are the modern-day rock stars - and farming is no exception

Farmers are big users of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, giving the world an inside view of agriculture and connecting consumers to their food like never before.

Some have built a huge following, ratcheting up tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of video views and podcast downloads - welcome to the world of the “ ag-influencers" and “ag-vocates”.

We’ve put together four of the biggest and best across the US, UK, Canada and Iceland.


The Peterson Farm Bros

Country: USA

Profession: Arable farmers

What’s the inside scoop?

The Peterson brothers shot to fame in 2012 after they made two parody videos - ‘I’m farming and I grow it’ (I’m sexy and I know it), which got 10m views, and ‘Farming Gangman style’, which amassed an impressive 17m views.

Greg, Nathan and Kendal, all in their 20s, farm with their parents and sister in central Kansas. Since their fame, they’ve used their platform to produce educational videos about their farm and continue to release new parodies.

In total, their videos have been watched 50m times.

Find them at:

YouTube The Peterson Farm Bros Channel

Twitter @petefarmbros

Instagram @petefarmbros

Facebook @petersonfarmbros


Farmers of the UK

Country: UK

Profession: Farmers - all sectors

What’s the inside scoop?

There are lots of great farmers in the UK taking to social media - including Will Evans, who produces the well-loved podcast Rock & Roll Farming and Gareth Wyn Jones, who’s pictures of farming sheep in Wales have gathered tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook .

But the Farmers of the UK Twitter account brings the best of UK farmers together in one place - each week a new farmer takes over the Twitter account and shares pictures, videos and messages about their farm to help educate consumers.

Rural organizations sometimes also take part to help raise issues, such as mental ill-health in farming.

The account has gained huge popularity and now has 34,000 followers.

Find them at:

Twitter @FarmersOfTheUK


Lesley Kelly

Country: Canada

Profession: Farmer and marketer

What’s the inside scoop?

Lesley farms canola , wheat, barley, flax, oats and lentil with her husband, parents and brother in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Her blog “High Heels and Canola Fields” is a mix of beautiful photos and her thoughts and updates on farming life. She says she started her blog to dispel myths and bring consumers and farmers together.

She is also a podcaster - she co-hosts the hugely popular ‘The Shark Farmer’ with fellow farmer Rob Sharkey, and ‘What The Farm Podcast’, where she focuses on bridging the gap between farmers and consumers through real life conversations.

Find her at:


Twitter @lesleyraekelly

Podcasts High heels and canola fields

Facebook @highheelsandcanolafields


Pálína Axelsdóttir Njarðvík

Country: Iceland 

Profession: Sheep farmer

What’s the inside scoop?

Pálína is a young shepherdess in Iceland. Her beautiful photos of farming life on her farm have gathered a following of nearly 36,000 followers on Instagram. Sometimes she writes educational messages, and sometimes she lets the photos do the talking.

She also allows her followers to post questions to her, which she publicly responds to. Expect photos of beautiful landscapes, lambs being born, and Pálína cuddling her sheep.

Find her at:

Instagram @farmlifeiceland

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