ADAMA accelerates R&D capabilities with investment in a ‘paradise for chemists’

Elad Shabtai, VP of Innovation, Development, Research and Regulatory Affairs at ADAMA, shares his excitement at ADAMA’s R&D center in Neot Hovav, Israel that opened last year.

Q. Can you share a little about the rationale of building the R&D center in Neot Hovav, Israel?

Our global R&D center was designed to enhance and accelerate our research and development in-house, deepening our understanding of the gaps in R&D processes, as well as increasing efficiency. By relying on prior and known chemistry research, we can now conduct our own initial research to modify processes, include new chemistry and continue to industrial research at an earlier stage.

Q. What excites you most about the center?

Beyond the pleasure of using an advanced facility, I’m excited on several levels. Firstly, the closure of the Beer Sheva R&D facility after more than 50 years and the opening of our new center symbolized ADAMA’s commitment to a strong growth strategy in the coming years. Our growth hinges to a great extent on the success of our R&D and internal IDR capabilities, which provide exciting opportunities for our researchers. We are also focusing more on the development of a differentiated and distinctive pipeline, which requires enhanced, diversified research capabilities, infrastructure, equipment and people.  Our R&D center, enables us to bring those new products to fruition.

Q. How does the center improve ADAMA’s R&D competitiveness and the company’s capacity to grow?

To grow we need to be agile and work on multiple products simultaneously.  We cannot risk focusing our efforts on the development of products, which when completed could be irrelevant for various reasons. Our center allow us to sustainably grow our product portfolio, preparing us for future challenges of the crop protection industry with deeper and wider R&D abilities. The advanced lab space allows us to employ more chemists, working collaboratively to develop a wider range of products. We also encourage collaboration with academia, which will enable our research to go deeper, with a more scientific approach, in the quest for new products.

Q. How are you ensuring the R&D center helps deliver products that provide a response to farmers’ needs?

Product development always starts from working with farmers across the world. Their needs drive product development at our R&D center, with our enhanced capabilities allowing us to develop solutions faster and more effectively. Ultimately, this approach increases our competitiveness in the marketplace and ensures we provide the right solutions at the right time for farmers.

Q. How has the building’s design ensured that it is a stimulating and enjoyable place to work?
The center has a very human-centric design, providing an advanced and attractive place to work.  I believe that it is a paradise for chemists – full of cutting-edge facilities and equipment, promoting collaboration with research groups and academia, which encourages researchers to work in partnership.

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