Autumn weeding app helps growers get the best from their winter cereals

At Adama we are constantly working with farmers, agronomists and distributors to find ways to simplify and improve farming. We strive to create simple, practical and innovative solutions and services. A recent development is the invaluable DispoDay app developed by Adama France – a decision support tool for farmers with so much to consider when timing is critical. Considerations such as the following:

  • Early weeding of winter cereals is vital to helping crops reach their full potential later in the growing season.
  • Catching weeds in autumn means crops are able to catch up during the spring, preserving the yield potential of crops.
  • Types of weed control can be alternated in the autumn months, helping to prevent herbicide-resistant grasses from developing.
  • If you’re not sure when you should be tackling weeds this autumn, then the DispoDay app can help.

Using your location and meteorological data collected over the past 20 years by Meteo france - Arvalis Institut du Végétal, the app can identify the best days for weeding, helping you to get the job done.

How to use DispoDay:

  • 1. Download the free DispoDay app from the Apple Store or Google Play onto your mobile phone or tablet. Alternatively visit www.adama-app.fr where you can also download it
  • 2. Select your city from the map and check out the available days for weeding
DispoDay France