Tierra Digital

Adama Mexico's mobile app that allows farmers an offline access to the most relevant crop protection information for their crops

Tierra Digital (in English: Digital Land) is a mobile app, developed by Adama Mexico, which is accessible without internet connection and contains extensive information on crops, threats to their health and protective solutions, right at the fingertips of growers across the country.

The concept behind the development of Tierra Digital was to allow the sharing of knowledge in an open, instant and collective way, and to create communications channels through which Adama and its farmers can converse with each other.

While in the field, farmers usually lack internet connection and cannot reach information. This is why Tierra Digital was specially designed to make 80% of its content available offline, so that every farmer can have immediate access to information which may come in handy while in the field examining the crops. 

Tierra Digital mobile app is aligned with the digital identity Adama is undertaking with the new era our industry is going into. Adama is committed to innovation not only with its hybrid portfolio of products, but also in the cutting edge solutions and services it offers to its farmers.

The newly launched Tierra Digital is being used by over 2.5K farmers in Mexico, 73.8% of the users are recurrent.

Tierra Digital’s platform is being prepared to be launched in Argentina, Chile and Central America by early 2016, becoming the first digital project developed with internal know-how within Adama and exported to other subsidiaries.
Tierra Digital