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Nimrod 250 EC

A systemic fungicide for the control of powdery mildew in ornamental, vegetable and fruit crops


General Info

Nimrod 250 EC is a systemic fungicide with tranlaminar and vapor action for control of powdery mildew on ornamental, vegetable and fruit crops.


Benefits for the Farmer

  • Higher yields of crops

  • Crops with higher quality

  • A powerful tool to counter resistance development

  • Safe and easy to use, with minimal effect on the environment

  • Fast-acting and long-lasting

  • Crop safety

  • Safe at recommended dosage to all of the registered crops

  • Rain fastness




Application Advice

Application Rates

1-3 L/ha depending on the crop.

Application Timing

Start applying Nimrod 250 EC when the first signs of disease infestation appear or when the weather conditions favor disease development. Spray Nimrod 250 EC regularly at 7 to 14 days interval depending on intensity of shoot growth, seriousness of infection and susceptibility of the variety.

Preparation of Spray Mixture

Fill the spray tank with half the required amount of water, add the required amount of Nimrod 250 EC and then mix thoroughly to ensure uniformity.

Application Technique

Ensure good coverage of the crop canopy by using a spray volume of 1000 L per ha.


Pre-harvest interval:

Tomatoes, peppers - 3 days

Mangoes- 2 days

Re-entry interval: after 6 hours or when the spray dries.

Nimrod 250 EC is moderately toxic to fish. Do not contaminate inters, dams and ponds with chemical or empty containers. Although Nimrod 250 EC has low toxicity to bees, avoid spraying on crops when foraging bees are busy.



Wear protective clothing: hand gloves, face-shield, and impermeable boots whan preparing the spray mixture and spraying. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing, inhalation of concentrated vapour and breathing the spray mist. Do not apply upwind and stay out of spray mist. Do not smoke, drink or eat while handling the product.

After Work

Wash hands and face with soap and water thoroughly. Change contaminated clothes and wash them. Clean the spray equipment carefully.


Store in original tightly closed container, in a cool dry dark place out of reach of children, away from food, drinks, animal feed, heat sparks and open flame.


Dispose of empty rinsed container by crushing, cutting, then burning or burying (or use other approved local disposal procedures). Do not re-use empty containers for any other purpose. Pesticide spray mixture or rinsate that cannot be used must be disposed by spraying off on wasteland (or use other approved local disposal procedures).


If Inhaled: Remove the patient from exposure, keep warm and at rest then seek medical attention.

If in contact with skin: Take off all contaminated clothes immediately and wash the skin with plenty of water and soap.

If in contact with eye: Wash out with clean water or eyewash for 15 minutes, then see the doctor.

If swallowed: Do not induce vomiting, as solvents may damage lungs.Take the patient and this label to the doctor at once.

Always read the label carefully before use.