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Apollo 500 SC

A contact acaracide for the control of different stages of mites on flowers and tomatoes


General Info

Benefits for the Farmer

Excellent mite control

  • Higher yields with higher quality

Broad spectrum of action

  • One product controls many different types of mites

Suitable for many crops

  • One product can be used for many different crops

Crop safety

  • Safe at recommended dosage to all of the registered crops

Long residual control

Unique mode of action

  • A powerful tool to counter resistance development

Safe to beneficial and non-target species

  • Minimal effect on the environment

Cost effective control

  • Apollo reduces your total costs




Application Advice

Spray Preparation and Technique

Fill the spray tank half way with water, add the required measure of Apollo 500 SC and mix thoroughly. Add the remaining amount of water to the spray tank and continue mixing by agitation. Ensure continuous agitation of the spray mixture throughout the spray period and avoid leaving the spray mixture to remain in the tank for a long period or overnight without agitation.

It is important to ensure good coverage of the target crop which is achieved by using a spray volume of 1000 – 1500 L per Ha depending on crop canopy. Do not apply upwind and stay out of spray mist.

Resistance Management

Apollo 500 SC is particularly useful if application starts early in the season. In order to prevent build up of resistance to Apollo 500 SC, it is recommended not to apply this product more than twice per season. If a second application is needed, always mix Apollo 500 SC with a miticide having a different mode of action.

Tank Mixtures and Compatibility

If adult stages are present, it is advisable to tank-mix Apollo 500 SC with an appropriate adulticide. 40 ml of Apollo 500 SC may be mixed with 250 ml of amitraz (200g/l) in 100 litres of water.

New tank mixtures should be tested on few plants prior to a large-scale use to ascertain crop safety. Apollo 500 SC is NOT compatible with lime sulfur or Bordeaux mixture.


Hazards and precautions:


Wear protective gloves and face shield when handling the concentrate and protective gloves, overalls, impermeable boots and face shield when spraying. Avoid contact of spray mixture with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not smoke, drink or eat while handling the product.

After Work

Change the protective clothes and thoroughly wash hands and face with soap and water. Carefully wash the spraying equipment and any contaminated clothing.


Store in the original tightly closed container in a locked pesticide store out of reach of children and unauthorized persons.


Triple rinse, puncture or crush empty containers before disposal in a safe and authorized place in accordance with National regulations on chemical disposal. Do not re-use empty containers for any other purpose. Pesticide spray mixture or rinsate that cannot be used must be disposed where it cannot contaminate surface water and ditches. Do not re-use empty containers for any other purpose.

Wildlife and environmental protection

Apollo 500 SC is toxic to fish. Do not contaminate ponds and waterways by direct application, cleaning of equipment, disposal of wastes and empty containers. A buffer zone of 3m should be observed.

First aid instructions

Apollo 500 SC is harmful if in contact or swallowed.

If inhaled: Remove the patient to fresh air.

If in contact with skin: Remove contaminated clothing and wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water.

If in contact with eye: Flush with water for at least 15 minutes and obtain immediate medical aid.

If swallowed: Wash out mouth with water. Induce vomiting only if person is fully conscious. Seek immediate medical service.

Always read the label carefully before use.