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Pyrinex 240 ULV

An insecticide for the control of armyworms on cereals and pastures

Pyrinex ULV

General Info

Pyrinex 240 ULV is an insecticide for the armyworm control on cereals and pastures.




Application Advice


Hazards/precautions: Hazardous if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.Wear approved pesticide respirator if exposed to higher concentrations of Pyrinex 480 EC for extended period of time.

Handling: Wear protective clothing, hand gloves, face shield, and impermeable boots when preparing the spray mixture and when spraying. Avoid breathing the spray mist, contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not apply upwind and stay out of spray mist. Do not smoke, drink or eat while handling the product.

After Work: Change clothes and wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and water. Wash the spray equipment and any contaminated clothing carefully.

Disposal: Triple rinse, puncture or crush empty containers before disposal in a safe and authorized place in accordance with National regulations on chemical disposal. Do not re-use empty containers for any other purpose. Pesticide spray mixture or rinsate that cannot be used must be disposed where it cannot contaminate surface water and ditches.

Wildlife and Environmental Protection: Pyrinex 48EC is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate ponds and water ways by direct application, cleaning of equipment, disposal of wastes and empty container. A band width of 15m should be observed. Toxic to bees. Do not spray in full broom.


If inhaled: Remove the patient to fresh air.

If in contact with skin: Take off contaminated clothing, wash the skin with plenty of water and soap.

If in contact with eye: Rinse thoroughly with running water for at least 15 minutes, see a doctor.

If swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Wash (rinse) the mouth immediately and keep the subject calm and then give plenty of water if able to swallow. In all cases seek medical attention where needed.

Always read the label carefully before use.