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Commodity prices, weather info and crop protection in your pocket

ADAMA’s new farming app provides South African farmers with live commodity prices, hourly weather updates and the best crop-protection services.

As a critical component of South Africa's economic growth, the agricultural sector is a major source of employment and income for farmers. For small and large-scale farmers alike, quick access to commodity prices and crop protection are mission-critical tasks. 

Now, a revolutionary agricultural app is providing agricultural producers in South Africa with exactly this essential information.

The ADAMA Grow App integrates data-driven tools and analytics in real time, allowing suppliers to know when and where to market their products, in addition to having access to reliable data on commodity prices, weather information and crop protection services. 

Solving growers’ needs 

At ADAMA, our promise is to Listen > Learn > Deliver. When discussing with farmers ways to promote sustainable development of agricultural income in South Africa, growers shared a few key challenges for us to consider:

  • Going forward, technological innovations in agriculture will have an unrivalled impact on their sector – our farmers are seeking out tech that is optimised for the South African industry.
  • They emphasised their need to understand and react to changing markets, to make more informed decisions on when and where to buy and sell crops. 
  • Improved access to crop protection solutions will help to reduce losses and ensure yields remain healthy. They need access to information on crop protection against weeds, pests and disease, as well as ever-increasing extreme weather events. And they need to be able to access this wherever they are – in the office, at home or on their lands. 

So we developed the ADAMA Grow App. It provides the professional crop protection guidance that farmers in South Africa seek to best protect their crops, as well as access to commodity prices and up-to-date weather forecasts. 

With the ADAMA Grow App you will be able to use your phone to: 

  • Customise crop-protection programmes to help you plan and manage your crops' season and decide on the appropriate crop protection solution for each growth stage. 

  • Make your best business decisions based on crop commodity prices.

  • Set values on the app and receive notifications if prices head below your chosen minimum or above your maximum value.

  • View all ADAMA products including recommendations on the best usage, targets, crops, application rates, labels, and additional valuable information for your day-to-day work .

  • Have direct contact with our professional team of sales representatives and agronomists. You can contact them directly from the app – they are here to listen to you, and answer any query you might have.

  • Access hourly and weekly Smart Weather forecasts with a unique spray condition indicator.

Download the ADAMA Grow App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


What is an Agricultural Commodity Price

Agricultural commodity prices are the prices of goods produced from agricultural activities, such as crops, livestock and dairy products. These prices determine the profitability of farmers and the setting of optimum production and trade levels. 

The concept of agricultural commodity prices is complex and often involves market forces like supply and demand. Additionally, the variations of prices across different commodities and regions can ultimately influence the success of farmers and their ability to export their goods. 

This type of data is collected and presented using specialised farming apps, which provide a holistic overview of production and export levels, along with detailed analysis of commodities. This granular data enables farmers to make smarter decisions, allowing them to adjust their trade tactics and production levels accordingly. 

In the South African context, with its rich agricultural landscape, it is essential that farmers have access to reliably detailed and up-to-date information on the prices of commodities in order to maximise their export opportunities and support their success. Access to apps with detailed information allows farmers to better prepare for changes in prices and shifts in regional demand, effectively manage their businesses and ensure a viable, sustainable agricultural export industry in South Africa. 


Impact of Agricultural Commodity Price and Crop Protection on Exports 

Agricultural commodities form the bedrock of sustainable economic development in South Africa. For many – including small-scale farmers – the fluctuation of commodity prices can directly impact their livelihoods. South African farmers need access to accurate and timely information about current agricultural commodity prices in order to stay competitive in the global market. 

Whether it’s for Safex grain prices or any other crop, agricultural commodity prices are an essential factor for sustainable economic development of income in South Africa. As is protection against diseases, pests and weeds. When farmers make use of the necessary crop protection measures, it can lead to an increased yield and a corresponding increase in the total commodity exports of South Africa. 


The ADAMA Grow App will put all the information you need – from commodity prices to weather info and crop protection in the palm of your hand. Check out our new app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store