Who We Are

One of ADAMA's strongest assets is our unique and distinct culture. This is reflected in how we show up and interact with our customers.

We care deeply

At ADAMA we are passionate about farmers, the challenges they face and the impact our products have on their livelihoods. We see what we do as much more than just a job.

We Listen > Learn > Deliver 

We proactively create opportunities to meet farmers, customers and other experts in the field and listen to what they have to say. Our solutions are inspired directly by what we learn from the input we gain through these interactions. We combine these insights with our own expertise and know-how to deliver unique, high-quality solution-driven crop-protection products. 

We get it done 

ADAMA has created a one-of-a-kind toolbox made up of the largest group of active ingredients in the world to give us the flexibility to create unique formulations and mixtures to meet local farmer needs.

We are goal-oriented

We are driven to succeed on behalf of our customers, helping them to create more sustainable, profitable businesses. We seek ways to enable the business success of our channel partners and ensure their interactions with us as simple and straightforward as possible.

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