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ADAMANew Product 17 Packaging Designed to meet the challenges and needs of growers17

ADAMA’s New Product Packaging Designed to meet the challenges and needs of growers

ADAMANew Product 17 Packaging Designed to meet the challenges and needs of growers17

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Growers’ input is valuable when it comes to developing the agricultural solutions they use and handle every day. So when it came time for ADAMA to improve our packaging, we travelled to communities in dozens of countries around the world to speak to farmers in their fields and in our labs, hear their suggestions and listen to the challenges they face regarding the packaging of crop protection products.

Some of these included:

  • Caps that are difficult to open when wearing gloves, and foil closures that increase the risk of contamination and slow the process;
  • Bottles or jugs that are not easy to carry or comfortable to pour because the handles are too small;
  • A numerical scale that is too small and containers that are completely opaque making it difficult to read the scale and hard to know how much product is in the container;
  • Containers that can’t be poured quickly without glugging and spilling; and
  • An opening that is not wide enough for washing with standard equipment, making it difficult to clean properly.

Farmers spoke. We delivered

By listening to this feedback, ADAMA was able to develop key improvements that have made our crop protection products’ packaging safer and easier to handle, store, pour and clean. We are very proud to introduce our new 5-litre ADAMA packaging, which has been tested in the field.

“Farmers and distributors provided feedback on the handling, carrying, opening, pouring, measuring and rinsing of the new ADAMA packaging, and I am pleased to say that our innovative new bottles earned a 9.1 satisfaction rating. We are excited to make this available now for farmers in South Africa,” said Ockie Olivier, General Manager, ADAMA South Africa.

What can you expect from the new 5-litre ADAMA packaging?

ADAMA New Packaging - Easy-Hold HandleEasy-Hold Handle

> Comfortable
> Improves measuring accuracy
> Plenty of space for a gloved hand
> Nodules to aid grip
> Flexible handle – comfortable while pouring; no sharp edges
> Solid handle – easier to clean

ADAMA New Packaging - Non-Slip Grip

Non-Slip Grip

> Nodules around the base and the handle help with grip
> Easier to pour, rinse and carry
> Improves grip with wet gloves

ADAMA New Packaging - Clear-View Strip

Clear-View Strip

> Extra-wide translucent strip makes it easy to see how much product is left
> One simple scale
> Large numbers that are easier to read

ADAMA New Packaging - Quick-Open Cap

Quick-Open Cap

> Textured for a firmer grip
> Wide mouth for fast pouring and easy rinsing
> Save time with less turns to open
> Greater space between cap and handle – easier to open with gloves

ADAMA New Packaging - Smooth-Pour Shape

Smooth-Pour Shape

> Sloping shoulders: faster and smoother pouring with less glugging
> Easy rinsing (low build-up)

Made by many

Shaul Friedland, Chief Commercial Officer at ADAMA said, “We continuously work to evolve our crop protection products and provide innovative solutions. At our core, we are passionate about understanding farmers’ needs and are committed to addressing them. After years of working closely with and listening to farmers, we are proud to introduce our new ADAMA packaging that was made together with farmers for farmers.”

ADAMA’s fungicides have a blue lid, herbicides a green lid, and insecticides a purple lid. Additional bottle sizes will be launched soon.

All distributors and farmers can contact our team for more details.

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Simeka House, De Bron
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T: 021 982 1460

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