WaterAware App for your Phone and Tablet Available to Download Now!

WaterAware App now available to download on iPhone and Android!

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UK agriculture has lost over 70% of the active substances at its disposal since the early 1990’s, this combined with the increasing technical challenge posed by resistance, drives the need to protect the remaining modes of action we have at our disposal. 

Industry lead approaches have made significant progress in highlighting the threats that exist to the long term availability of active substances, as well as the promotion of appropriate measures to mitigate any non-target impacts.  However, the threat posed by water based legislation, notably the EU Water Framework Directive remains, with the UK Government and associated Agencies tasked with ensuring compliance by 2027 at the latest. 

Adama, as part of its commitment to responsible use and under the umbrella of its Water Aware (WA) initiative is committed developing technically robust, sustainable products and solutions.  Reducing the frequency and magnitude of pesticide exceedances in raw water is currently a key focus area in order to avoid the potential need for additional regulatory measures to deliver compliance. 

A Field based risk assessment is considered to be one approach that could complement other measures being explored.  Adama’s Water Aware APP integrates soil type, weather and soil moisture deficit information to enable advisors, farmers as well as wider industry stakeholders to identify for themselves the “risk envelope” in relation to the timing of spray and pellet applications and the potential impact on receiving surface water bodies.

Water Aware App; what is it?

  • GPS located to allow specific field reviews
  • Automatic soil classification utilising  British Geological survey MySoil-UKSO Platforms
  • Met office weather data allowing a view of spraying potential “today” and in 72 hours
  • Use of Soil Moisture deficit MORECS
  • Pesticides identified by VI and Water Authorities
  • Calibrated for use with OSR, Winter Wheat and Grassland

A smart phone application that forecasts risk of movement of selected pesticides from soil to water courses based on prevailing and predicted weather conditions, soil moisture deficit and soil texture. It is designed to act as a decision support tool for those applying pesticides associated with water pollution. The application runs a series of algorithms to alert the user to potential risk of pollution due to the current and forecast weather and soil conditions. It also combines a user friendly check list of operational conditions designed to reduce the risk of pollution at the time of application.

For more information and to view our WaterAware infographic CLICK HERE

The app will be designed to work on Android devices with an operating system of 4.0 (API level 14) or higher and on iOS devices capable of supporting iOS 8 (e.g. iPhone 4).

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

For further product information, including warning phrases and symbols, please call The Technical Helpline on 01635 876 622.


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