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A residual herbicide for the control of a wide range of grasses, including black-grass and some broadleaved weeds in winter oilseed rape and winter beans.

Product no longer available

General Info

Key Benefits

  • Targeting smaller shallow-rooted black-grass
  • Open contact area (small canopy)
  • No resistance in black-grass to carbetamide
  • Start black-grass control earlier in the season
  • Highly soluble in water

Weed Control

Weed control            

Chickweed (up to 4 leaves)

Speedwell (up to 4 leaves)


Ryegrass (from seedlings) 





Meadowgrasses (Poa spp)

Volunteer cereals (most susceptible from 3 leaf stage)

Wild oat (most susceptible from 3 leaf stage)






S = Susceptible MS = Moderately Susceptible

Crop Information 

Crops Max individual dose Max number of applications (per crop) Latest timing and recommendations
Winter oilseed rape 3.0 or 1.5 1 or 2

Before beginning of stem elongation: no 1.5 2 internodes (rosette)

Winter field beans 3.0 1 Before formation of side shoots

For all cropping information download the product label. 

Use Recommendations

Product Information

Application Information

Water volume: 200L/ha

Spray quality: Medium to coarse

Max ind. dose: see label

Max no. treatments: see label

Aquatic buffer: N/A

Technical Helpline

Technical Helpline: 01635 876 622

CRAWLER® is a registered trademark of the ADAMA group.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.