Technical Helpline FAQ's

Read the latest frequently asked questions Will receives each month on our technical helpline.

Q: Where can I find the latest stewardship guidelines for Blanco?

A: The latest guidelines are available here.

Q: What is the maximum g/ai/ha of Metazachlor that can be applied over a 3 year period?

A: A total dose of 1000g/ai/ha is permitted in the same field over a 3 year period.

Q: Are there any new varietal restrictions for use of Tower/Tribal on winter wheat?

A: There are no longer any varietal restrictions for commercially grown varieties. Further information is available here.

Q: Where can I find more information for Adama’s WaterAware app featuring #SlugAware?

A: More information and links to downloads for iOS and Android can be found here. Don’t forget BASIS and NROSO points are available for using the app.