Technical Helpline FAQ's

Read the latest frequently asked questions Chris receives each month on our technical helpline.

Q. What is the cut-off date for Fox application in Oilseed rape?

A. When flower buds are visible- later applications can cause distortion of the pods and seed in later growth if applied too late. NB. Fox is on an EAMU (20142318) and is used at the grower’s own risk.


Q. Are there any varietal restrictions on Tower Herbicide?

A. There are no longer any varietal restrictions on Tower.


Q. What is the latest Tower timing?

A. Tower can be used up to BBCH growth stage 30 which is pseudostem erect stage (before first node)


Q. What can I tank mix with Orius P?

A. The Orius P tank mix list can be found here


Q. Is Shotput ok to use on Lady Rosetta?

A. Shotput can be used pre-emergence on Lady Rosetta. The Shotput variety list can be found here.


Q. Where can I find information regarding Septoria control in Winter Wheat?

A. More information can be found on our spring Precision Crop Protection Hub.

Chris Menzie Adama