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Andy Kendig, Ph.D., ADAMA Herbicide Development Leader

A better way to grow rice

Preface and Postscript herbicides from ADAMA provide excellent control of weedy/red/feral rice, barnyard grass and most other common and troublesome rice weeds.

Herbicide Use Rate
Preface Use 4-to-6 fl oz per acre for post-emergence and residual control
Postscript Use 5 fl oz per acre for
post-emergence control

FullPage Rice Cropping Solution video

Specialists explain the effectiveness of the combination of FullPage seed from RiceTec with Preface and Postscript products from ADAMA resulting in increased rice crop yields.



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Key Target

weedy/red/feral rice and barnyard grass

The Most Flexible System in Herbicide-Tolerant Rice

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Standard for moderate infestations For severe, susceptible red/weedy rice When flooding is timely and less residual is needed
Vopak 3ME + saflufenacil
1-2 Leaf Rice Preface at 5-6 fl oz/A + Zurax ™ L
4-6 Leaf Rice Preface at 4-6 fl oz/A Postscript at 5 fl oz/A
Scout fields in accordance with best management practices.
Post-flood applications should be made if red rice was not completely controlled earlier.
Post-flood Postscript at 5 fl oz/A
Preface and Postscript should be applied with a crop oil concentrate except as noted on the label.



Stewardship is critical to all rice herbicide-tolerant systems to prevent the development of herbicide-resistant weedy rice. Growers using the FULLPAGE Rice Cropping Solution are required to sign a stewardship agreement when purchasing FULLPAGE seed. Stewardship requirements are based on common Best Management Practices for optimum weed control and resistance prevention.