Who We Are

ADAMA (formerly MANA) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of crop protection solutions in the U.S.

Dare to create simplicity

Farming is complex and full of challenges. We work together with farmers, agronomists, distributors and the wide farming communities, to find ways to simplify it. We constantly question convention to move farming forward through simple, practical and innovative solutions in crop protection and beyond. 

Help farmers grow 

Farming happens not only in the field. We support farmers to get things done in their businesses and beyond – from sowing to sales, from their labor in the field to their families, their partnerships and raising their status in society. 

Connect people 

We want to build close relationships with farmers by being honest, open and agile. We use digital technology to build and run a powerful network that brings people together and influences farming behavior across the world. 

Open up new possibilities 

We recognize farming must and will be constantly reinvented. Through our emerging platforms in fast-growing markets, we can quickly reach and impact farmers in all parts of the world. 

Build on heritage 

Years ago, we were part of a journey that helped farmers make the desert green in a sustainable way, allowing a nation to flourish. Now we empower our people to help farmers do the same again – on a global scale. 

Farmers cannot achieve this step change alone. That’s why we, at ADAMA, work hand-in-hand with farmers and farming to: Listen > Learn > Deliver

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