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Yasmine 19.2 EC

Effective for the control of carpophagous and exocarpic cotton worms.


General Info

Yasmine is an insecticide of the Avermectin family. It acts by contact and ingestion. It is very effective for the control of carpophagous and exocarpic cotton worms. It is not systemic, but translaminar penetrating through the leaves. Its translamibar activity against foliage feeding insects provides residual activity for 7 to 10 days. It is advisable to use Yasmine at the beginning of the cotton season to control pyrethroid-resistant strains of carpophagous worms on the crop. 

Toxicological classification: Class II (Moderately hazardous). The product must not be used near bee- keeping areas.

Application Advice

Application Method

Apply with a CDA sprayer, which can spray at very low volume (VLV 10L/ha).


Fill the spray tank with half a required amount of clean water. Add the required amount of Yasmine and gently shake the machine to facilitate the thorough mixing. Top up with water to the required level and shake the machine again.

Application Rate

The rate is 520 ml/ha, i.e. 260 ml for half of a hectare, and 5 litres of water.

Application Period

Apply during the early hours of the day and avoid strong wind.

Frequency of Application

Do the first application 45 days after the emergence of the crop. Repeat application at 14-day intervals. Please, follow the recommendations of the cotton officers.