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Pyrinex Quick 256 SC

Broad spectrum; micro-encapsulated mixture of two actives specially formulated for slow release after application.

General Info

Acts by both contact and ingestion with quick knock-down and residual effect on termites, cockroaches, house flies, ants, mosquitoes.

WHO Class: II


Application Advice


To prepare a spray solution, half fill the spray tank with clean water. Pour the required quantity of Pyrinex Quick into the spray tank. Gently agitate the machine. Fill the spray tank with water to the required level while agitating continuously.

Application Method

Pyrinex Quick can be applied by means of any suitable knapsack sprayer (including motorized) which is able to distribute the spray solution evenly and effectively over the target area.

Application Rate

Against termites use 50-100 ml in 10 L of water.