A preventative fungicide for the control of early and late blight in tomatoes; halo blight, angular leaf spot, anthracnose and rust in French beans; black rot, black leg and soft rot in Broccoli


Key diseases

  • Early blight

  • Late blight

Crop protection


Tomatoes, French beans, Broccoli

Benefits for the Farmer

  • All the control needed with lower use of rates compared to traditional coppers 
  • A true solution - simplifies handling and eliminates hassle of sediment in tanks
  • BioRetain delivers superior bio-activity through plant coverage and cuticle adhesion - confidence in performance
  • Reduces soil loading of copper - safe to the environment
  • No visible residues
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Active Ingredient

Dimethomorph 200 g/L and Fluazinam 200 g/L

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