NIMITZ® + metam


Protect your crop before harmful nematodes cause costly damage.

Fast-acting NIMITZ kills plant-parasitic nematodes within 24–48 hours when applied pre-planting, and residual activity continues into the growing season. Apply NIMITZ for targeted nematode control, or choose the powerful combination of NIMITZ + metam to control nematodes, diseases and weeds.





Put Nematodes Six Feet Under

The fast acting and unique mode of action makes NIMITZ a key tool in plant-parasitic nematode management strategies, while residual activity continues into the growing season. That’s the power of NIMITZ.

Image Left: NIMITZ treated on the left and the Vydate standard program on the right.



For healthier crops and improved yield, NIMITZ is a highly effective, non-fumigant nematicide. Apply NIMITZ at pre-planting to target harmful nematodes thereby allowing beneficial microorganisms to flourish and contribute to soil health. And now, NIMITZ is registered for citrus, peaches and pecans!

NIMITZ simplifies every aspect of nematode control. It’s easy to apply, with only a 12 hour REI, and no mandatory notifications or reporting guidelines. Not a restricted use product—no specialized equipment needed. No buffers. No applicator certification needed. No Fumigant Management Plans or restraining PPE.

NIMITZ Nematicide

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Key Targets

Lesion Nematodes, Root-knot Nematodes

Target Crops

Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Okra, Peppers, Potatoes, Pome Fruit, Squash, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Tree Nuts, Watermelon

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Adding total protection from disease






NIMITZ + metam


To protect your crop from yield-robbing nematodes, weeds and soil-borne diseases, try the powerful combination of NIMITZ + metam (i.e. K-PAM® HL™). NIMITZ is a fast-acting, highly targeted nematicide with a unique mode of action, and metam is an effective broad spectrum soil fumigant for suppression of nematodes, weeds and diseases.


Save time and operational costs with a pre-mix tank application of NIMITZ + metam, or apply using the standard 15-day/7-day pre-plant application interval of NIMITZ and then metam.

Key Targets

Lesion Nematodes, Root-knot Nematodes, Soil-Borne Diseases

Target Crops

Cantaloupe, Watermelons, Tomatoes, Peppers, Strawberries, Potatoes






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