Protect Your Rice Crop Investment, Get Superior
Weed Control & Increase Yields & Profits With
Preface™ & Postscript™ Herbicides


ADAMA & RiceTec have designed a specific rice program that improves hybrid herbicide tolerance & generates
industry-leading yields. Using Preface & Postscript with FullPage™ Rice Cropping Solution, growers can
maximize profits & protect their rice seed investment.

Plus growers benefit from training, educational & technical support offered by both companies.



RiceTec and ADAMA Working Together to Bring Innovation

The collaboration between RiceTec and ADAMA is leading to impactful innovations for rice growers. The combination of Preface™ and Postscript™ herbicides with the FullPage Rice Cropping Solutions is an example of the solutions that these two companies’ technologies are bringing to rice farming. This system improves yields and minimizes the resistance issues rice growers face with weeds.

RiceTec and ADAMA are committed to strive toward ever-improving advancements, new products and comprehensive solutions for the problems rice growers face today and in the future.

When growers invest in their future and follow the best practices outlined in the general stewardship agreement, they can rest assured that a bullet-proof system is working for them.


Listen to the results satisfied customers have had when correctly using these products:

FullPage Testimonial: Tyler Hydrick
FullPage Testimonial: Wendell Minson & Will Hunter




Stewardship Info Sheet
Click below to download a summary document that illustrates the advantages of
ADAMA’s Preface & Postscript herbicides.