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Bumper 250 EC

An emulsifiable concentrate systemic fungicide for the control of leaf and stem diseases in wheat


General Info

Bumper 250 EC is a systemic fungicide providing curative and preventive action against leaf and stem disease in wheat. It is quickly absorbed through the leaves and stems and is rapidly translocated in the plants and protects the new growing tissues of the leaves and stems.


Benefits for the Farmer:

  • Ensure yield and quality – protection of the wheat flag leaf
  • Best cost-effective fungicide for wheat
  • Broad spectrum activity against many diseases
  • Curative and preventive action
  • Excellent rain fastness


Application Advice

Application Rate

0.5 L/ha = 40 ml in 16 L knapsack

Application Timing

Bumper 250 EC should to be applied from tillering stage up to when head is visible. Protection of the flag leaf is the most important.

Directions for Use

• Ground application - spray volume of 200 L/Ha.

• Aerial application - spray volume of 30 L/Ha.

Resistance Management

To prevent pathogen resistance avoid more than 2 treatments with Bumper 250 EC on the same crop and the same surface in a season.


Bumper 250 EC is compatible with the most commonly used fungicides, insecticides, and foliar feeds.


Always read the label carefully before use.