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Pre-emergent weed control

Pre-emergent weed control in wheat, barley and canola fields

Effective pre-emergent weed control in wheat, barley, and canola fields for optimal yields. ADAMA offers solutions tailored to different crops and weeds.
Pre-emergent weed control

Profitable yields result from careful management. Variety choice plays a part, but to reach their full potential those varieties must be grown in a rotation that minimises the risks from diseases and weeds, while maximising soil fertility and soil moisture storage.

When planting, growers start off with 100% yield potential on the day of planting but each time a plant experiences a negative event during its life cycle that impacts growth affects the maximum yield potential. Farmers can’t do much about climate and weather events, but they can manage weed competition.That is why herbicide applications are so  important. 

As soon as the season starts, pre-emergent weed control is the backbone of any good weed management programme. This is the most effective way to ensure hopefully zero weed competition during the early part of the crop’s growing season. 

If the pre-emergent weed control is well prepared and executed, it will make post-emergent weed control a far easier process. The best results with pre-emergent herbicides are achieved if these rules are followed:

  • Time between cultivation of the soil, spraying and washing in of the herbicide in the soil should be as short as possible 
  • Try to plant as close to a rainfall incident as possible. 10-15mm is needed for pre-emergent herbicides to leach in and work properly
  • Pre-emergent herbicides should be present as weeds emerge from the soil. These herbicides are absorbed as weeds grow through the treated soil zone
  • Seedbeds should be free of weeds, large clots and plant residue

Different crops and different weeds require different solutions. ADAMA has a full range of herbicides for all your needs.


Herbicide resistance in weeds is a problem that continues to become more widespread. It is the biggest threat to cropping-system sustainability. The problem can be managed by having good crop and pasture rotations, by rotating herbicide groups and by combining both chemical and non-chemical methods of weed control. (Read how a combination of herbicides and hand-roguing has cut the cost of tackling blackgrass in wheat and barley fields on a UK farm.

The ADAMA solution

Pre-emergent weed control in triasine-resistant canola

Products from ADAMA that can be used for pre-emergence weed control in triasine-resistant canola include: Tylsimex 500 SCSimanex 500 SC (for certain broad-leaved weeds) and Atranex 90 WGTriflurex 480 EC can be used to control grasses and certain broad-leaved weeds on all canola types.

Pre-emergent weed control in wheat

Triflurex 480 EC can be used for pre-emergence weed control (mainly grasses and some broadleaf weeds) in wheat.

Pre-emergent weed control in barley

Triflurex 480 EC can be used for pre-emergence weed (mainly grasses and some broadleaf weeds) control in barley. 


Usage overview

Here is a brief overview of the herbicides mentioned above. Always read the label of your herbicide carefully to ensure that the herbicide is the correct solution for your weed problems, and to ascertain the correct application and mixing methods, as well as safety precautions.


Simanex 500 SC

Triazine resistant cultivars ONLY. Apply directly after planting on a fine, firm weed free seedbed pre-emergence of the crop and weeds. Continuous rain or

irrigation of at least 10 mm is necessary to leach the herbicide into the soil within 7–10 days and before weed emergence.

Tylsimex 500 SC

Triazine-resistant cultivars ONLY. Apply pre-emergence of weeds just after sowing when rain is expected.

 Contact an approved ADAMA advisor before applying TYLSIMEX 500 SC and SULTAN® 50 SC to canola. 

Atranex 90 WG Triazine-resistant cultivars ONLY. Apply pre-emergence, directly after sowing.    
Triflurex 480 EC Apply before planting or sowing and incorporate within 10 minutes. Can be used in situations where canola is planted or sown for the control of ryegrass. Apply as an overall application and incorporate using a suitable planter within 10 minutes. It must be removed completely from the plant row before planting. Apply as an overall application and incorporate using a suitable planter within 10 minutes. It must be removed completely from the plant row before planting.

Contact your nearest ADAMA field office for more extensive advice.