Ingredients & Intermediates

Adama produces a variety of cutting edge, non-agrochemical products such as nutritional supplements, aromatic products, and industrial products

Adama produces a variety of cutting edge, non-agrochemical products that can be integrated into a wide variety of industries. These currently account for approximately 11% of the company’s overall activities. These include: 

  • Nutritional supplements and special ingredients to enrich food, such as natural lycopene produced from tomatoes, to which some attribute properties that protect the human body against degenerative diseases and cancer. Adama has developed special varieties of tomatoes and technological methods for extracting, separating and concentrating the products of the tomato processing and adapting them to market requirements. 
  • Aromatic products including chemicals and synthetic fragrances for the detergent, cosmetic, skin care and perfume industries. 
  • Industrial products that are byproducts of its crop protection production processes and are necessary ingredients in other manufacturing processes. These include hydrogen peroxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen.

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Non Agricultural products