Uniquely formulated for apples and pears and backed by extensive research, both globally and in New Zealand, BREVIS provides the consistent, reliable results growers demand. With less temperature dependency you’ll get a wide window for application. You’ll even be able to re-enter your orchard three days after application. You can also apply BREVIS to all apple and pear varieties. And now with BreviSmart®, the new prediction tool for the optimum timing of BREVIS applications, you can finally add science to the art of thinning.

Ton Besseling on weather, temperature and humidity when applying BREVIS


BREVIS is a new and innovative secondary fruit thinner especially formulated for apples and pears. Its unique mode of action radically changes the way apples and pears are thinned, giving growers the means to thin more reliably and consistently, year after year. With much less temperature dependency and a wide window of application, BREVIS solves the problems growers face with traditional chemical thinners. 

Global and New Zealand research
ADAMA has undertaken extensive research globally and in New Zealand with over 800 trials with BREVIS to date. BREVIS is registered in over 27 countries and more registrations are being added each year.

Timing is everything when it comes to apple thinning. BreviSmart is a web-based tool used to predict the optimum timing to apply BREVIS. It factors in key weather parameters as well as fruitlet size and variety, delivering critical insights on the best times to spray. BreviSmart is available for free. For more information on BreviSmart click here.

  • Less temperature dependent
  • Wide window of application (8–14 mm size fruitlets)
  • User-friendly formulation, additional surfactants not required
  • Rapid foliar absorption, rainfast within 2 hours of application
  • Quick access to orchards - re-entry after 3 days
  • Non-toxic to beneficial insects
  • No negative effect on shoot growth or return bloom 
  • Beginning of fruit drop 7-10 days after application
  • Suitable for use on all apple and pear varieties including those that are difficult to thin

Brevis & BreviSmart

Ton Besseling on BREVIS kg/ha label rate, split applications and primary thinners

Ton Besseling on ADAMA's global BREVIS research and thinning support tool BreviSmart

Active ingredient

150 g/kg metamitron

Ton Besseling on ADAMA's groundbreaking research into apple and pear thinning

Ton Besseling on BREVIS and how it revolutionises fruitlet thinning