NEW - PHOENIX is now approved for the use on green feed too and can now be applied up to GS59 in barley! PHOENIX is your innovative cereal fungicide for controlling speckled leaf blotch (Septoria tritici), Ramularia and scald. Specifically created for wheat and barley, its unique multi-site protectant activity protects your crop and is designed to work effectively with existing SDHI and triazole fungicides alike. PHOENIX is the ideal tank-mix partner for all-rounder DMI fungicide BOLIDE®. With PHOENIX you can really break the resistance cycle!

Andy Bailey on integrated Septoria resistance management and PHOENIX
Andy Bailey on Ramularia resistance and PHOENIX

NEW! PHOENIX is now approved for the use of green feed too. In barley PHOENIX can be applied up to GS59 now.

Speckled leaf blotch (Septoria tritici) and Ramularia can have a devastating impact on your crops. This is especially the case when these diseases become resistant to established modes of action. Consequently, it is vital to protect current efficacy and stop further resistance development to Septoria and Ramularia.
This is where PHOENIX comes in. Its multi-site protectant activity protects the activity of both SDHI and triazole fungicides from emerging resistance. Working against diseases at a cellular level, it applies three modes of actions. 
ADAMA results show that PHOENIX is your ideal partner with DMI fungicides such as BOLIDE and other triazole chemistry. There is currently no known resistance to folpet any-where in the world. PHOENIX has the additional benefit of not inhibiting DMI uptake, ensuring their speed of action and their efficacy. This makes PHOENIX truly unique!

When to apply? At T1!

The right timing for application is critical for controlling Septoria. Septoria has a very long latent period. Crops will already be affected way before anything shows. The best timing to apply PHOENIX  with a triazole fungicide such as BOLIDE  or STELLAR is at T1 , when leaf 3 emerges. An infected leaf 3 can easily infect leaf 2 and the flag leaf. Keeping leaf 3 clean is essential for maintaining full yield potential as the crop reaches maturity. This is the time to control Septoria with an effective and adequate fungicide program. 

Under high disease pressure and with a susceptible variety PHOENIX can also be applied earlier at T0. Alternatively, if disease is evident at T2, then PHOENIX can be used again at this timing.

When to apply? At T1 and T2!
If only one spray of PHOENIX is being applied for Ramularia control, then T2 is the optimum timing for it. This ensures that leaves 2 and 3 are protected. For best results though, a programmed approach is recommended, applying PHOENIX at T1 and at T2. PHOENIX is your cornerstone for Ramularia control!
PHOENIX  is limited to two applications only. For more details on application please read the PHOENIX label.

Phoenix pack shot

Active ingredient

500 g/L folpet SC

Key targets

Speckled leaf blotch, Ramularia, scald

Why multi-site chemistry?

Andy Bailey on Septoria resistance and the importance of multi-site chemistry

Why PHOENIX is important?

Andy Bailey on multi-site protectant PHOENIX to combat Septoria resistance

Septoria life cycle

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Fungicide chemistry mode of action

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